Winged Rarities

Each year, some of the millions of birds that migrate extraordinary distances to reach breeding or wintering destinations drift off course to the delight of dedicated birders encountering these improbable vagrants. Rare Birds of North America (Princeton) offers the first complete print compilation of such recorded sightings, with accounts and illustrations of 262 species.KeyWestQuail-Dove (Pictured here: a Key West quail-dove.) Authors Steve N.G. Howell, Ian Lewington and Will Russell include detailed field identifications and plates illustrating sex dimorphisms and seasonal and juvenile marks. An introductory section explores vicissitudes of global air currents and the quest for better food sources that drive these rare bird sightings—and provide hints for birders seeking to add to their life lists. For anyone else simply interested in birds new to North America, this volume is a valuable resource.